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New CD “Blue Anemone” out on Challenge International!

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Quotes from reviews:

« Birgitte Lyregaard, singer, who without doubt deserves a more prominent media exposure. The qualities she demonstrates on this CD would give her a place of choice in the hearts of intimate jazz vocal enthusiasts »

“A trio that shines in the lightness and that plays a timeless music with disarming honesty. The entire CD is a reflection of an artistic integrity that stretches out through more than 50 min. of freshness and delicacy”, Olivier Libelles, Mozaic-jazz.

“When Lyregaard sings she lets her voice breathe and glow through the ballads and creates, even in standards like “But Beautiful” and “I Thought About You”, new facets and a new kind of timing that tumbles behind the normal metric, a kind of slow motion aesthetic.”, Michael Stürm, “Jazz Thing n.86″

”hope for Birgitte Lyregaard to become a rising star. Lyregaard has recorded an intimate cd in which she gives new life to old standards”, Tom Beetz, for the magazine ”Jazzism”

The Trio will be touring in France and Denmark in march 2012. For booking, please contact Birgitte.

Press about the project:
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Birgitte Lyregaard, Alain Jean-Marie, Alexandra Grimal, Den Blå Anemone

The trio recording Live at the beautiful home theater  of Herman van Hove in Belgium.




Left: Alexandra. Right: Alain. Above: Alain and Birgitte getting ready for the concert, in the mirror:Alexandra and Géraldine.

Photos: Géraldine Sauvage All rights reserved.