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Thou Sonic Friend

Three musicians of great sensitivity explore the spaces of sound in between and within them. Using voices and all possible sounds afforded to them by their instruments, the three employ this palette of sound colours to create a parallel universe, within which the listener can journey into their own imagination. Drawing from their backgrounds in different fields of contemporary music, the trio’s correspondence of spirit and approach creates a beautiful foundation for this brand new musical project.

Their recent performances at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival were well received by audiences and critics, including renowned Danish writer and film director Christian Braad Thomsen who said of the group: They play music, the likes of which I have not heard before. A form of jazz and poetry,  but without calling upon a poet from the outside. The poetry springs from their very core. They are pretty outstanding.

Carolyn Goodwin, clarinets and vocals
Peter Tinning, guitar and effects
Birgitte Lyregaard, vocals, percussion and objects

Thou Sonic Friend will record their first album together in April 2019 with the kind support of the Oticonfoundation and DJBFA.

Listen on Soundcloud:

Birgitte Lyregaard Trio.

The trio plays standards of the American Songbook. Their First CD is out on Challenge Int. With: Alain Jean-Marie, Piano; Alexandra Grimal, Saxophones; Birgitte Lyregaard, Vocals.
“A trio that shines in the lightness and that plays a timeless music with disarming honesty.The entire CD is a reflection of an artistic integrity that stretches out through more than 50 min. of freshness and delicacy”, Olivier Libelles, Mozaic-jazz. Read more


A marvelously well hidden band playing and composing their own songs in the style of deep pop. This year after 7 years of hard labour their first album is out on Gateway Records.
“Electro on dove feet investigating rare sound combinations for the musical  connoisseur”, J.J. Birgé on
Members: Rune Kaagaard, keys etc.; Birgitte Lyregaard, voice etc. + guests. Read more

Fairytale of the Forbidden Flower

A Concert Tale, fusioning songs, storytelling and improvised music and sounds. The performance has played in France, Holland, Denmark, Croatia and Serbia. “Birgitte Lyregaard has a bewitching voice, and she and her illuminated musicians give a fantastic color to the Tale, a formidable dash of contemporary tradition”, Pépito Matéo, storyteller. Members: Birgitte Lyregaard, story and vocals; Manja Ristic, violin; Rune Kaagaard, piano & keyboards; Toma Gouband, percussion… project homepage


This duo investigates the relation between poetry, composition and impro. Their lyric material consisting strictly of poetry by Danish poet Inger Christensen. INGER has played in France and Denmark and will this fall be touring in Germany and Switzerland. Intimate to the point of minimalistic, it has been said that their music makes one think of a Björk stripped of her mass media flounces.  Members: Linda Edsjö, vibraphone, percussion and vocal; Birgitte Lyregaard, percussion and vocal. Project homepage

El Strøm

The French improvisational trio El Strøm works with a mix of electronics, strange brass, battered violins, vocal presets, instant radio, an abundance of homemade instruments and haunted poetry in several languages to create a world of sound previously unheard of. Members: Jean-Jacques Birgé, Tenori-on, kaossilator, reed trumpet, pvc flutes etc.; Sacha Gattino, keyboard/sampler, jaw-harps, whistling etc.; Birgitte Lyregaard, vocals, poetry, inanga, bells etc. They have in 2011 released two albums on-line. Listen to El Strøm

Voix et Cristal

With Ilona Schneider, vocal and Philo Bohin, crystal bowls. This trio soars the soothing universe of the Tibetan crystal singing bowls. Two vocalists from different back grounds (classical and jazz) unite in improvisation each as well trying their hand on crystal and various percussion. Voix et Cristal is in concert an almost therapeutic experience w. diffusion of essential oils to go with the sound wave massage of body and ear. Watch videos

The Cat and the Window

A concert for kids. Acoustic approach, lovely grooves, poetic lyrics, singable songs and a daring pinch of suspense. Involving the audience in the rhythms and in the moves of the music.
The story, paving the way from one song to the next, is simply the one of a large, yellow cat that spends most of it’s days contemplating in the window sill, watching the weird world of humans as they meet and part in mysterious ways.
W. Peter Tinning, guitar, oud; Thomas Hedegaard, double bass; Birgitte Lyregaard, voice and percussions.