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Birgitte Lyregaard, (born in England 1973)

Is a versatile vocalist as well as a composer, lyricist and storyteller and is equally at home in the world of jazz, impro, deep pop and concert tales.

She was made at sea, born in London, grew up in Denmark and studied at the Conservatories in The Hague and Rotterdam in Holland obtaining her Jazz Vocal Master in 2004. Birgitte has returned to Denmark in spring 2011 after having lived and worked for three years in Paris, France.

Here she has already worked w. a.o. Claus Kaarsgaard, Niels Bjerg, Lotte Anker and Mads Søndergaard all the while she continues to cultivate her international projects.

She has released two Cd’s in her own name, in 2010/2011: ”Blue Anemone” w. her french jazz trio, Alain Jean-Marie, piano and Alexandra Grimal, saxophone for the Dutch record label Challenge Int. – a collection of jazz ballads.
And ”SecretPet”, own songs in Deep pop style, co-composed w. Danish pianoplayer Rune Kaagaard is available on Gateway.

She is involved in projects all over Europe as vocalist, composer and lyricist and has through the last 14 years performed/recorded on podias/festivals etc. in Holland, Denmark, France, Iceland, South Africa, Serbia, Belgium and Croatia w. musicians such as Harmen Fraanje, Yves Rousseau, Nelson Veras, Hein Van de Geyn, Kristjana Stefansdottir, Harumi Oka, Brice Soniano, Michael Vanouçek, Jean-Jacques Birgé, Toma Gouband, Yuko Oshima, Quentin Sirjacq a.m.o.

She has participated as vocal performer in Dance Performances and happenings w. Choreographers Yael Gathon, Kirstine Kyhl Andersen and Helle Fuglsang, in on-line streaming impro concerts between Belgrade Radio and Copenhagen/Paris w. Manja Ristic, Ivan Kadelberg a.o. and performed as actor and improvising vocalist alongside actor Paul Murray, videographer Stevan Lung and musicians Ivana Grahovac, Mathieu Calleja, Ivan Kadelburg and Manja Ristic in the multimedia performance ”Mnemosyne – Theatre of Memories” in Belgrade in 2010. She has also recently investigated the sound possibilities of the human voice performing side by side the inspiring British experimental vocalist, Phil Minton, in a concert connected to a workshop.


In own name:

”SecretPet” on the Danish independant Label ”Gateway”, release 2011, Own songs co-composed and recorded w. pianist Rune Kaagaard w. participation of a.o. Thomas Vang, Manja Ristic, Johan Segerberg, Claus Kaarsgaard.

”Blue Anemone”, released on Challenge Int. in 2010/2011 – a collection of jazz ballads recorded w. the two French musicians Alain Jean-Marie, piano and Alexandra Grimal, saxophone.

DVD, ”Tale of The Forbidden Flower”, A Concert Tale, Author: Birgitte Lyregaard, songs are  co-composed w. Rune Kaagaard and the performance is also w. Manja Ristic, violin, Toma Gouband, percussion and Mathieu Calleja, perc. /electronics. Recorded in LiteraturHaus Cph. in 2007. Image: Malene Nielsen, Sound: Thomas Vang. Auto produced.

As side woman:

Two online “Cd”s w. the trio El Strøm, “Sound Castle” and “Fresh’n Chips” (w. Jean-Jacques Birgé and Sacha Gattino) and one w. the project “La Chambre de Swedenborg” w. Birgé, Edsjö and Lyregaard. All three recordings are from 2011 and can be listened to and downloaded here: http://www.drame.org/2/Musique.php?MP3

”Empreintes irrégulières”, Leader, Fred Marty, double bass, w. Yuko Oshima, drums, Ai Watanabe, electronics and B. Lyregaard, voice. Recorded in Boulogne-Billancourt in 2009, available on the independant label ”Mon petit disquaire”.

”VisseVasse”, guitar duo Niels Bjerg and Filippo Castellazzi, compositions of the duo featuring Birgitte Lyregaard, vocals and Tineke Postma, saxophones. Recorded in 2004 in Amsterdam. Out on CD Baby.

”Yeast”, Bandleader : Aimée Povel, Dutch drummer, personnel: Esmé Olthuis: Saxophones, Florian Zenker: Guitar, Birgitte Lyregaard: Vocals. Recorded in 2004, Bimhuis Amsterdam.

”Live in Copenhagen”, recorded live in 1998 at Musik-Conditoriet w. the participation of different bands, a.o. Birgitte Lyregaard Trio w. guitarist Martin Winthereik and double bass player, Thomas Hedegaard.