Huckleberry Friend Release Tour!

Coming up very soon: Release Concert at Klub Primi in Koncertkirken 15th of June at 19.30!!! Come and celebrate with us – Listen to the D√∂rner/Lea/Lyregaard Trio playing at the beautiful Koncertkirken, and buy our brand new Vinyl album “Huckleberry Friend” ūüôā

Come and listen again or instead at the intimate Jazzcup venue/ jazz recordstore in Gothersgade 107 the 16th. of June at 16.00, where we’ll play and sell our vinyl – possibly even sign it…

“Huckleberry Friend” – New Album!

Coming up soon: The release of the true grit album “Huckleberry Friend” – adventurous free improvisation from the D√∂rner/Lea/Lyregaard trio!
Date of Release: 21. of April, 2021
Label: Chant Records

Axel Dörner: Trumpet
Marthe Lea: Tenor Saxophone
Birgitte Lyregaard: Vocals

foto: Den Rytmiske H√łjskole –

Behold – the beautiful cover of our brand new vinyl out 15th. of October on Barefoot Records “Cinemateria” – an album like no other! Hurry and order your copy of the vinyl before it’s sold out (or a digital download if it is) on:

“Thou Sonic Friend” (Carolyn Goodwin, Peter Tinning and Birgitte Lyregaard) will record our first Album together 4th. and 5th. of April 2019 I the Village Studio. With the kind support of Oticonfonden and DJBFA.
Release in Klub Primi on the 15th. of oct. 2019 – stay tuned for more info..

The new El Str√łm CD has just been elected “√©lu” by the French Jazz Page Citizen Jazz! Read the review here:

And if you would like to read more in French on Citizen Jazz about me and the projects I am/was part of, then here is a direct link:

1. of April 2017 – El Str√łmLong Time no Sea


Birgitte Lyregaard: Vocals
Jean-Jacques Birgé: Theremin, Tenori-on, Mascarade Machine, Keyboards, Reeds, harmonicas, Jaw Harps
Sacha Gattino: Sampler, Percussion, Zither, Harmonicas, Jaw Harps
Guest: Claus Kaarsgaard: Double Bass on the track 9 “Long Time no Sea”


Exhilarating graphic design: Etienne Mineur

Jean-Jacques Birgé and BirgitteLyregaard
all lyrics are printed and translated in the booklet of the cd alongside the amazing drawings of French 1800 illustrator, Grandville

Send me an e-mail if you are interested in pursuing your own private copy

On the of Septembre, 2016: The Cat and the Window plays again in Copenhagen! Check out my agenda for more info and link…


Birgitte is now halfway through her training at The Lichtenberg Institute of voice!  Non muscular, fascial, sound orientated, consciousness expanding and simply wonderful vocal approach! – Come June 2017, she will (if all goes according to plan) be the first Lichtenberger Voice Teacher based in Denmark!

tagSummer 2016: New album, project and compositions are in the making! Duo Linda Edsj√∂ (Paris based) and Birgitte Lyregaard met in an ancient, French farmer’s house in a small village in “Le Perche” for their second recording session on the project “Sp√łrgsm√•l” (working title)
– compositions and soundscapes around the Danish/Italian poet, Majse Aymo Boots questions to the brain, the heart, the imagination, the body and all other parts of the human (or animalistic) existence.

16_dscf0128Link to Video recording Radio France Musique, Playing w. Linda Edsj√∂ and Jean-Jacques Birg√©  45 minutes of free impro from the inspirational cards of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in the program “√† L’Improviste” hosted by Anne Montaron:

And so I played in Radio France Musique w. two wonderful musicians and friends: Jean-Jacques Birg√© and Linda Edsj√∂! The concert was recorded in the big hall in front of a live audience for the renowned radio programme “√† L’improviste” hosted by Anne Montaron; and will be broadcasted – concert, interview and all – on Radio France on the 13th. of December – so coming saturday. Tune in and tune on from this saturday on:
Below a couple of photos from the glorious event taken by French photographer Christian Taillemite:

15_dscf4843  22_dscf0130 27_dscf4877

J.J.Birgé; Linda Edsjö; Birgitte Lyregaard

Saturday of November 2014 at Atelier du Plateau in Paris, adventurous improvisational game w. dice!!!:


Un coup de d√©s jamais n’abolira le hasard

L’improvisation n’est pas un genre. C’est ramener au plus court le temps entre composition et interpr√©tation. Toute ressemblance avec des musiques existantes ne saurait √™tre fortuite, mais la libert√© d’inventer ne peut qu’initier des sc√©narios inou√Įs.
Ce soir le trio tire les th√®mes au hasard dans le jeu de cartes invent√© par Brian Eno et Peter Schmidt. Quelques exemples qui ne seront probablement pas jou√©s ce soir : Simple soustraction, √Čcoutez la voix douce, Que ne feriez-vous pas ?, Servez-vous de personnes non qualifi√©es, √Ä l’envers, Soyez extravagants, Dans l’obscurit√© totale tr√®s calmement, Soyez crades, Sortez en fermant la porte, etc.
Cette fois Jean-Jacques Birgé invite la chanteuse danoise Birgitte Lyregaard et la percussionniste suédoise Linda Edsjö à converser autour des thèmes qui seront tirés devant le public et qui valent aussi pour la lumière.

Jean-Jacques Birg√© ‚Äď clavier, √©lectronique, trompette √† anche
Linda Edsj√∂ ‚Äď vibraphone, marimba, percussion
Birgitte Lyregaard ‚Äď voix

Tre improvisationsmusikere sætter hinanden stævne i lyd og rumExhilarating impro concert w. international impro stars!!
Happening very soon in a jazz club near you! 26th. of October 2013, 14.00 – 15.30, N√łrrebro Jazz club in Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4, 2200 Kbh. N.
Lineup: Lotte Anker: Saxophone, Brice Soniano: Double Bass, Birgitte Lyregaard: Vocals

Linda Edsjö, percussion and Birgitte Lyregaard, vocals. Own compositions w. selected poems of Inger Christensen!
Buy it here:

Oh yes! Come hear us play every thursday in may at caf√© Gef√§hrlich on N√łrrebro from 19.00 – 22.00. Lineup: Peter Tinning, Guitar; Claus Kaarsgaard, double bass, Birgitte Lyregaard, Vocals

Tomorrow monday the fourth. of feb. at 22.30: Linda Edsjö and Birgitte Lyregaard talk about their new release with host Brian Petro on Radio Jazz; FM 102,9 or listen on Net radio:

CD-Release and Concert “Project Inger”!!!

Out on Gateway Music in two days!!!

+ During the Winter Jazz Festival we invite you to our release concert:

Tuesday 5th. feb. 2013 at 18.30 o’clock in”Tranquebar” , Borgergade 14,
1300 K√łbenhavn K

The entrance is free and this will be the perfect occasion to listen to our music live, to hang out with nice people and to purchase your very own copy of the Inger-cd

Hope to see you there!!!
SecretPet Flyes Again!!!!

On the Copenhagen Jazz Festival this saturday! One single exciting, intrigueing possibility to hear their songs and feel the legendary secret wibe!!! – Don’t be shy – be there!!! …. – on:

Saturday 7th. july 2012; from 21 – 22 hours
Café Mellemrummet, Ravnsborggade 11, 2200 Copenhagen N.

Keys: Rune Kaagaard, Vocals & minidrums: Birgitte Lyregaard, Double bass: Claus Kaarsgaard

Kaarsgaard/Lyregaard Duo opens a new Jazz club on N√łrrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark, the Universe!!

This friday – May 25th. at 20 hours!
– In a double concert w. Book of Sounds.
Come and listen! It’s in the Osram House on Valhalsgade 4, 2200 Cph.N.


INGER has just recieved a grant from the Danish Art Council – to record and publish our music on CD!!!!….. The actual recording will take place in the marvelous Village Recording Studio this summer… We are thrilled and – Thank you Denmark!!!


Grand succes!! El Str√łm playing in “Le Triton” during the festival “Les Enchanteuses”. Captured on video by film director, Fran√ßoise Romand. Watch the videos from the concert here:


photos copyright: Christian Deblanc, Géraldine Sauvage, Philippe Lévy-Stab. All rights reserved


Check out: The agenda for links to the tour venues…

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“LA CHAMBRE DE SWEDENBORG/THE SWEDENBORG ROOM”, premiere on the 26th. of jan. 2012 was filmed by the French film director, Fran√ßoise Romand. See the teaser here

“LA CHAMBRE DE SWEDENBORG” animates a night at the Museum of Modern Art in Strasbourg. A musical evocation of the spirits. A journey beyond the mirror at the exposition “L’Europe des esprits”!
Thursday 26th. of February 2012 between 20 and 00.00 hours

Linda Edsjö: Marimba, cymbals, percussions, vibraphone

Jean-Jacques Birgé: Reed trumpet, tenori-on, chaos pad, instant radio, pvc flutes, theremin etc.

Birgitte Lyregaard: Voice, poems, bells and thunder

Worldbreaking news!- You can now purchase your own precious copy of the SecretPet CD! On this link:

Or just go for the download version here:

Or try your hand on the raindrop game on the newly recovered SecretPet Planet floating freely in cyperspace here:

The Duo INGER has just returned from a wonderful and successful November tour in Germany and Switzerland!

We thank deeply SNYK, the Oticon Foundation, videnskabsministeriet and the Danish Professors abroad for their wonderful support and collaboration!

Here the duo on the way up – in a hotel elevator in Freiburg(!)